Join a Stampers Club






·    The Stampers Club has 6 club members.


·    Each member will make a minimum order of $50 (before shipping & handling) This is to ensure that Hostess Benefits can be achieved – for a $300 workshop.


·    Orders are placed By-Monthly – for example – January,  March, May, July,  September and November.


·    When it is your turn to be the hostess, You get Free Spending Money – $50.00. You can choose to put it towards item(s) in the catalogue or use it to get exclusive hostess stamp sets.


·    When it is your turn and you want to achieve a level 2 or 3 hostess set, it is up to you to get outside orders to qualify.


·    All orders will be shipped to my house & then arranged for delivery or pickup with each member.


·    Orders are placed by the first day of the month.


·    If you wish to place a separate order, not through the Stampers Club, postage is free for club members only.


You must commit to this as it would not be fair to the other ladies to miss out on being the hostess and for them to miss out on benefits if they have already helped you.


For example




Order Due Date


Mary 1

1st January


Mary 2

1st March


Mary 3

1st May


Mary 4

1st July


Mary 5

1st September


Mary 6

1st November


Please let me know if you have any questions and lets have some fun!


NB – Club purchases do not count towards the Star Card benefits.


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