Scrapbook Album

Here is a Scrapbook Album it is so easy to make. The idea comes from another crafty lady and can be adapted to any Double Sided Paper and Embellishments.

Take 3 sheets of 12' x 12' Double Sided Paper, Cut to 19cm x 30cm

Score on the short side at 1cm and 10cm to make pockets and stick together.

Using the 1" Circle punch, cut half a circle out from each end of all three pockets

Fold Each Pocket in half and where the fold line is make two holes with the Crop-a-dile, add ribbon through and tie and double knot and a bow.

With the left of pieces of DSP - Make 6 rectangles 14cm x 8.3cm. Corner all four sides and staple on some ribbon in the centre of one end

Finish now ready to add photos and decorate. Journaling and Photos can also be added to the Pull-out tabs, but dont make it to bulky

 Thanks and I hope you enjoy making this album, they make such great Christmasy gifts for the Grandparents.

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