Page of the Month – Group 2



And this next page received the most votes, congratulations


So sorry about the photo, silly flash. But still a great layout.

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3 thoughts on “Page of the Month – Group 2

  1. Last night’s craft was great! Not a massive group, but all who attended had an enjoyable time. Sally really enjoyed spending time with lovely, friendly ladies, on her birthday making cards AND won the lucky door prize (a great stamp set) – she was rapt! She also said how pleased she was to have a bit of a head start on her handmade Xmas cards.

  2. Hi Pauline, Thanks for another AWESOME craft night :) I love craft nights and technique classes, they are my ……..happy place :) and what a beautiful bunch of girls to share it with too.

    I’m sure if all of us girls put our heads together we can come up with ideas to raise money for beautiful Nathaniel’s fees, you have more than enough on your plate to even think about getting MORE work :)

    Take care and Thanks again :)

  3. Wednesday Punch Art Class was AWESOME and so much FUN. Thanks Pauline, I loved it and hope you will do more of them.

    Take Care
    Bianca xx :)

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