Craft Works – Christmas

As I mentioned I am teaching at Craftworks this term. Craft works runs for 6 weeks from 29th Oct to 3rd Dec,  9.30am -11.30am each week.

 The theme is Christmas and here are the cards I will be teaching.

15 Cards for $30 (3 cards made each week) and a Gift Box.











You can register for Craftworks on Thursday 22nd October 9.30-10.30 cost to register is $20. Childminding is available $7.50 for the six weeks. Also light refreshments are included for the six weeks.

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One thought on “Craft Works – Christmas

  1. Xmas cards look like they’ve turned out well. Look forward to actually seeing them at Craftworks. You should be happy with the results!
    What a great selection. They will be well received this Xmas!

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