Scrapbooking – Page Of the Month


The idea with Scrapbooking page of the month is to explore outside your comfort area. Using colours and embellishments that you would not normally go towards. Each month the kits will contain different papers, cardstock and embellishments, chosen by me.


Kits cost between $5 to $10 (prices may vary month to month)


Rules: Only use what is provided in the kit (don’t add anything of your own) also No Stamping (unless provided)


What you can use: Inks, Chalks, Markers, Gel Pens, Punches, Tools, Decorative Scissors etc. Computer for journaling, titles etc, Adhesive and Mounting foam.


Some months I will also add additional item/s that can be used, that will be announced at the time you collect your kit. But otherwise the above items are all you can use.


Kits will be provided by me in a 12”x12’ clip bag.


Pages are to anonyms (no names or your photo) and pages need to be back to me by my Stampin Up Craft night (1st Saturday night of the month) people at the craft night will then be able vote on it. If the page is not back by this night then the page is not judged. Your page will be returned back to you.


You keep all of the items left over from your kit, after you have made the page. You get the made page back, after judging and with in two months. If you wish to do the next months kit, you can get that from me at the Craft Night. Pages will also be displayed on my blog. The winning page will also win a small gift. This is not a competition just some fun and to get you thinking and Scrapbooking!!

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